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    Hi All,

    Hope everyone is doing well...

    I have a doubt regarding animation.. in my office there is no license for mechanism module.. so is there any possibility to run servomotor in animation.

    waiting for ur reply,..



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    To run a servo motor, you do need a license of MDX (Mechanism Design Extension). This comes with almost all basic licenses. If you don't have MDX, contact your sales representative, as he or she should be able to convert/upgrade your licenses to the latest base package (most likely at no cost).
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    To run servometer in animation you can used some method.

    1.To add a servo motor click on the Servo Motors icon on the
    Insert tab.
    2. A definition window will open up and Select the motion axis that you want to animate.
    3. The Profile tab in the definition window can be used to specify
    the desired motion profile. A constant velocity profile is arguably
    the simplest motion profile for an animation.
    4. You can graph the position, velocity, and acceleration profiles for
    your components by selecting the appropriate check boxes and
    clicking the Graph icon in the lower part of the dialog box.

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    if you want to run servometer than you need to have licence of MDX .

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