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    Recently when we attempt to open an assembly that is stored in Windchill there is a failure of one or more parts in that assembly. A message is given that the part cannot be retrieved. All the properties of the failed model can be displayed but the model itself cannot be retrieved. It appears to be dropping parts at random.

    This is an EXTREMELY important problem since models have to sent out to customers and for quotes.

    Thanks a lot in advance,


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    It sounds like some of the parts in the assembly have been
    moved out of the assembly directory or deleted.

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    go on freezing/supressing parts while loading..and see finally what u left with in good condition!!
    any features failing in parts/asm?
    or some1 might have deleted parts.

    I dont think parts are moved..because even if parts moved in windchill..they makes integrity with asembly

    all the best!!

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    If the local data is corrupt, you can have some components fail to retrieve which in turn, would fail when loading the assembly.

    First try creating a new workspace and retrieving the assembly. If it opens fine, problem solved.

    If it still fails with the same issues, you may need to wipe out the local database folder: %Windows User%\Application Data\PTC\ProENGINEER\Wildfire\.wf and recreate it.

    This will wipe out any other workspaces and anything that hasn't been uploaded.

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    PTC Recovery Tool May Help to Recover your Lost Data if your Cache corrupt.

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