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    How Can wecreate this in drafting without using circle.

    we can create square around a note by @[<note> Like this i am asking.

    is there anypossibility to achieve this by using any ([{@#&) symbols
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    before answering I suggest two things:
    1> U should search forum be4 asking question.
    2> Have some basic tutorial for study...self learning is the best way of learning...any difficulties, U can ask here..

    Answer: insert>balloon>select without leader....put ur desired text...

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    Hi sachin,

    Thx for ur info.

    I know how to create balloon.ButI couldn't controlthe ballon size.Dim.prop is affecting only the text size.

    Is there any option in config?
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    I found this in cofig

    By using min_balloon_radius & max_balloon_radius we can control it

    Thx a lot for ur support

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