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Dear Experts.

I have looked through the internet for solutions regarding the issue i am having with pro/welding but yet to found results. Overall i think Pro/welding is agoodtool... with lot of rooms for improvement!

I'm having a problem with displaying the welding parameters for one of my assemblies. The text seems to be overlapping the symbol therefore creating a clutteryeffect onthe drawing(see picture). So far, i'm only having problems with fillet welds.I have tried inserting the same weld symbol with the same parameters manually and i got the same results too. It seems that the fillet weld symbol is not able to caterlong characters(sigh). The only solution that i can see is to actually shorten the welding parameter characters but then... i found another problem, i can't seem to change the decimal points of the parameters. I tried tools->options->weld dec places... but it didnt work on the drawing symbols(sign again).

Hope any of you out there have a solution for me! FYI, i'm using wf4. I heard wf5 and creomade a huge improvement onpro/welding but.. lets just say my company is taking their sweet time updating to wf5. thanks!