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    We want to load ~50-100 drawings into the memory of ProE and doing this open consumes alot of time.

    How can we open multiple ProE drawings into a session without manually select File-Open each time?

    It's a which to just open them into the memory and not in a seperate window. We have a limit today of 15 open windows.

    Thanks in advance for all tips!

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    You can't open them except in separate windows by the way that Pro/E is architectured. You will still be limited to 15 open files.

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    Well I can today open 15 drawings manually and then close these windows and then open another 15, and so on.

    then these drawings are keept in the "session memory".

    What I'm hoping for is a kind of loading script that does this without my involment other than specifying the directory.

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    Cannot believe that such a blatantly obvious task for years
    now is still not address. Can someone at PTC please wake-up!

    The alternative will be to be able to replace parts in
    drawings when PROE cannot find them.

    Why does the PROE experience have to be so difficult. I
    waste my time every day trying to make it work! Instead of
    being able to do my job.

    If someone out there can get PTC to listen please do. They
    are wasting my time and money.

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    What is the advantage of having 50 drawings in memory? You can't work on them unless they are in a window. You can't work on more than one at a time. If you just want to plot them then use Pro/Batch, it can handle hundreds of drawing files at once.
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