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    I am trying to place a hole with 1.75 dia with ISO M2.2x45 hole. On original surface it shows 0-0689 dia. Can any body help me in this regard. How could i change its dia to 1.75?

    M. Hammad Zia

    Muhammad Hammad Zia
    Cad Library
    Whizz Systems Inc. (Offshore)

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    which version of Pro/E that you are using?
    rajendran srinivasan

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    Apart from your question, I didn't even know that M2.2 was an ISO standard.
    Are you sure that you can find screws to fit in that hole? I don't find any in my supplier catalogues.

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    You need to change your part setup so it is in a metric unit system.

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    M2.2 is not a preferred size but with the ISO thread form, you can use any diameter your heart desires.
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    the holesize is normaly the thread size - pitch

    M6x1 = 5
    M5x0.8 =4.2
    M4x0.7 =3.3
    M3x0.5 =2.5
    M2.5x0.45 =2.05
    M2.2x0.45=01.75 f5c-d9ad-4ee5-8717-488083bf8c14&groupId=18358
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    Hi All,

    Ok I am back. I was on holidays.

    I am using V5 of Pro ENGINEER and trying to place ISO M2.2x45 in a solid and need its dia 1.75 as show above.

    I have attached a fileherewith which will help you guys alot.

    Please reveiw this file and reply me back.

    Muhammad Hammad Zia
    Cad Library
    Whizz Systems Inc. (Offshore)

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    Did you check the unit system?A 0.0689 in dimension value is the english systemconversion of the metric system 1.75 mm. If your unit system is in english units metric hole dimensions are going to show in english units. However before you change units what units should the rest of your part be in?

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