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    I wish I could select a closed loop of edges and then fill vs. creating or selecting a sketch. Or maybe it creates a sketch and then fills based on my edge selection... It could even scold me with "These edges sren't planar, try again", I don't care. I guess it is more of a time saver thing, and could be considered trivial, I don't know.
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    You can achieve the same thing using the boundary blend
    tool. It takes about 3 clicks
    What I\'m using: WF 5 Student Edition

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    It's a good practice to avoid using edges when possible.
    If there is a surface available, use it instead.
    Surfaces are more stable references than edges.

    For example, if you have a cube and want to sketch a
    square on one face the same dimension as the cube, you
    could 'use edge' on the edges of the face and get the
    exact square you need. A more robust method is to sketch
    a rectangle and align the 4 sides to the 4 side surfaces
    of the cube.

    As edges are trimmed (by rounding an adjacent edge, for
    example) the edge ID changes and child features can fail.
    Pro/E will typically make good assumptions about using
    alternate edges, however down the road those alternates
    can be fragile and break unexpectedly.

    Also, if you use an edge that was defined by trimming
    with a round, you've created a parent child relationship between the round and your sketch. If the vertical edges
    of the cube above were rounded, the 'use edge' lines for
    your square would be children of the round, edges aligned
    to the surface would not.
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    Select edges Fill

    Photoshop Elements 11

    I have a single layer with an image of text that is in outline form. The color of the outline is not consistent, so I wish to make it a solid color. How do I select just the outline of each of the letters so that I can use the bucket tool to fill in the outline with a solid color?

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