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    HI IM NEW TO THE SITE.I'm a teacher making clocks with pupils. They want to design logos such as nike and addidas on prodesk top. Ive tryed manually designing these with the 'line' and 'spline' tool bt im finding it difficult. Is there a away so that the logos could be imported into pro desktop?????

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    You can make the logo in Illustrator or another vector drawing package (like Inkscape) and export them to pro|E, once you import the external data you can reuse it in a sketch


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    Why retrace when you can download!
    Have a look at Brands of the World.

    It is pretty useful, has most of the more common brands available as vector linework.

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    One thing i noticed when importing logos and extruding them, it's best to delete the constraints in the sketch. If you don't sometimes the shape will change a bit and look awkward.

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    I appreciate the replys! Thats why i posted my problem on an American WEBSITE. You Americans are soo efficient and helpful! thanks GUYS!

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    Might be an American website, but only one American replied!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gristle
    Might be an American website, but only one American replied!
    Ahaha I was going to point it out too


    PS: I think the real value of this site is that it's international, for example italian cad based websites are too "local"...

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    where are the helpful Americans?
    there are nice and helpful people from all over the world here.

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