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2001 to Wildfire Migration


New member

Are there any 2001 users who are in the process of switching to Wildfire?

I am very interested in all of the things that the PTC sales people are not saying. What I mean is; they talk about all of the part modeling and interface improvements yet they don't talk much about the less flashy things - like getting the part done, the drawings done, the assembly drawings done and getting the parts or products out the door.

We have spent a lot of time optimizing 2001 for maximum effeciency.

Can anyone tell me what it is like to move from 2001 to Wildfire in a situation where the transition has to happen quickly? How friendly is Wildfire to regular 2001 users?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
To create a seed an bound surf copy: select a surf to be the seed (basic); then hold shift and select all the boundaries. when releasing the shift key Wildfire highlights all selected surfs in red.

We are currently in the process of moving to Wildfire and have just begun the process of analyzing what needs to change. Although there are many improvements there are a few areas to be aware of. If you have mapkeys written to simplify common tasks, some may not function because of menu name and structure changes. We are currently evaluating our whole to find problems. I think the more experienced users will struggle the most with the change to Wildfire. I have been on Proe since rev 13 and this is the biggest interface change I have seen. Overall I think Wildfire will be better - it will just take time to adjust.
ttx, my company is in the process of switching to Wildfire as we speak. I am not a user. I am the network administrator, so all I can tell you is that we have had some problems with Wildfire on our network. We are in a floating license environment and have used 2001 for a couple of years with very few problems. Since I have upgraded 2 of our users to Wildfire release date code 2003051 (which I believe is the most current production release), the design engineers have complained of mysterious exits. Whether they are working on an assembly, or walk away from their computer and come back a couple of minutes later, the program just exits. Nothing in the Windows log gives a clue as to why this is happening. It's not a graphics card issue either. All of our workstations are Win2k professional serv. pack III, with all of the latest patches. The server that hosts the license pack is NT 4.0. If you run into any of these problems when you upgrade, please e-mail me at [email protected] and let me know if you make any headway. Thanks! P.S. Try upgrading only one user at first on a trial basis, and have him work with some advanced geometry. You may find out that you want to wait for the next release before migrating to Wildfire. Good luck!
We plan to move to Wildfire in October - but I'm preparing people now by showing them the software to play with in spare time, etc..

They're mostly positive about it - the thing will be training people in the new interface. As mentioned above, I've upgraded all our mapkeys to work in Wildfire. Didn't take long - most of them work OK. Also recreated the custom menus, again quick work.

We'll probably do the training in-house, so we can concentrate on what matters to users. I've been looking around the resources available - putting together some training plans.

Anybody got any good sources (as well as FroTime, CADQuest, CADTrain)?


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