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2001 TIFF bug?


New member
I would like to save a good quality TIFF of an assembly, with the
perspective on. When I go to "save a copy" the perspecitve gets
turned off. If I turn the perspective on after I go to "save a
copy" the TIFF is scrambled. Does anyone know a good work around?
I am using ProE 2001 on a PC. Thanks,



New member
I have found a good way to get a nice clean image out of ProE is to create the view with a name, the way that you want to see it. Now create an empty drawing place that view in it. Change the system colors to Black on white and than do a save a copy and do so as a cgm. Word if installed with all of the filters has a cgm one in it, you can than put this in word, etc. Its a small file compared to a Tiff, and when you scale it the line quality stays good, not like a tiff.

The other way is to use www.pdf995.com writer and create a pdf right from the model by printing it. Works really good, and cannot beat the price.


New member
Hello Idarnell,

I had lots of issues with creating a .tiff photo render etc with an old build of 2001. I reloaded to a later cut and all the issues went away.

Good luck!