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    Our company is going to get rid of Windchill. Does anybody have any knowledge or suggestions on how to remove or copy our files from windchill to a local server? I don't want this post to turn into a Windchill bashing. I only want answers to my question.

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    Well, there is always the manual method. Open a file (drw, asm, prt) in a workspace and do a backup (FILE > BACKUP)to a physical hard drive... I would hope there is a more automatic way though.

    No bashing intended, but could you state some of the reasons that led you to get rid of Windchill? We run Windchill here, so I am curious...
    Marc DeBower
    CAD / PDM Manager

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    First let mestart by saying that I am the Windchill (wc) administrator for our department, but I wasn

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    I have seen productpoint, and worked with PDMLink a lot (both as user and as admin). If you do not want to use real workflows you don't need PDMLink. I would still recommend staying with PDMLink. It can be set up correctly and it should work with little admin interaction, or only with neccesary/as needed admin help.
    I know what it means to have enough of the support too. Did you try VARs to help you? Contractors?

    Just a thought...

    you can get all your files out of the system using workflows, export/import functionality, or as mentioned the backup functionality in ProE.


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    lfischl, why do you recommend staying with PDMLink if I don't need it? We don't need most of what Windchill offers. We don't need workflows. All we need is a system that 1. keeps us from having duplicate names, 2. a way of locking parts that are being worked on and parts that have been officially released, 3 an easy way of renaming parts. 4. where used capability. That's about it. From what I understand productpoint does this, but correct me if you think I am wrong.

    I'm not sure what VARs is.

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    VAR = Value Added Reseller

    They are generally small companies/consulting firms that specialize in deploying, administering, and helping smaller companies with MCAD tools. PTC likes to directly work with big outfits like John Deere and leave the small companies to the VARs. If you only have 8 seats I'm suprised you go directly to PTC.

    We had a guy from Integreyt (in Wisconsin) come in to help us figure out WTF was going on in our Intralink 3.4 deployment we inherited from an acquisition.

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    Hi and sorry for the late reply.
    PDMLink or in your preferred case intralink8/9/10 will do all you need.
    My thought behind this is: 1. did you do a cost of ownership analysis? (not just money, but work, administration, reliability...)
    I have seen PDMLink from 6.2. and worked with ptc's datamgm solutions since Pro/PDM (including migrations from one to the other) and know, that every release is better and more stable. To go thorugh a conversion from one system to another is a big risk. anyhow, if you have ProE, and you are planning to get the more out of it (more then 4 points you have) it is good to stick with pdm that works the best with it. (eg. fixing attributes, forcing model check to be used, quickly reusing your design, no/reduced dublicate content(!)...) but you will always face problems (just a few for now: nested family table, speed, not easy access to your real files)
    And yes, product point does al you asked for ... just one more question: what is it running on? is it really better/more stable/easier then oracle?
    I do not wish to confuse you or anything simmilar, just saying: look at what you have, what works good out of it, and considere the rest as extra benefit, on the other side: do you really use the things/features that don't work, or would an upgrade fix it? (this is typical )

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    bdcowell - We have been logging calls through the windchil website. That goes directly to ptc.

    lfischl - I'm actually not sure what oracle is. Product point will run off our server instead of a ptc server. I don't mean to sound sarcastic but if we didn't really use the things/features that didn't work we wouldn't know that they didn't work.

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    you are right
    just one final note: test that product point does what you need before you shut off pdmlink.

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    Definately will! Since we won't be able to move every version/iteration from WC we are going to still keep a couple of liscenses in case we need to see some history. Thanks for your info.

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