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    Thanks for your reply, actually, I have since figured out how to do it. You can just add the files to your workspace, then "export from workspace" and save them where ever you want.

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    If you completed the export from workspace, what sort of files did you get as a result? Is it just one big folder filled with part files?
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    It exports all the files individually as part files or assembly files or whatever they are. It's just like doing a "save as" of whichever files you have in the workspace.

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    You can do export from work space to your local drive

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    All I'm saying is we had the install/config done by a qualified expert, supplied to us by the VAR.

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    In the case of conflicting names, the second person to try to checking bearing1 would get an error message, and they would have to rename it to a unique name.

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