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    Does anyone know if Pro/E can calculate the area of an enclosed sketch inside a part?

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    Use Edit/Fill command to create a flat surface directly from the sketch. Then use Analysis/Measure/Area.
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    WOW! I figured that since the area was 0 in the model analysis that there was no way to calculate it. Many thanks Alan.


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    I am now trying to figure out the center of gravity (centroid) but am having trouble doing so. Since the sketch(fill) is not a revolve I cannot use the model analysis to get the centoid. Is there a way around this? I need to figure out the centroid of an enclosed fill (sketch).
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    try excel analysis if your section can be broken down to standard geometries.

    you can use the formula X=(x1a1+x2a2+...)/A and Y=9y1ay1+y2a2+...)/A

    in the excel
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    You can thicken the fill surface so that it is very thin, then it is a solid body which you can get the center of gravity (I assume that is what you want).

    If there is solid geometry in the part already you can copy the surface into another part for analysis purposes.

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    SUCCESS! Very good! Just thicken the sketch and ignore the Z axis (in my case) because it is defined by the thickness! That is two in the bag for you! Many thanks Jim!

    Rudresh, I would be interested to use the excel analysis but have no knoledge in that area! Hope to learn it soon!

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