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    I am in dire need of full config file ,someone can send to me ., thanks in advance ,such as ,,, thanks again

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    i will send with you my,,

    issues for Pro/e 2001


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    Sample files are all available for download at, look under configuration. Frotime also has sample files available. Hope this helps...

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    Dear victory

    The file differs from person to person.For example

    I would like the system to prompt before erasing the objects not displayed,and others may not.

    I think knowing all the options and the possible values that can be set to these options would help you more.

    Follow this link I am sure you are more than a satisfied soul..

    Regarding, ,you can download really cool work.

    Try out,if in case of any difficulty mail me...I'll send those about which I've talked about.


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    for career page please visit our following link

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    You can download a CSV file of all Creo Parametric configuration options from the PTC Support site.
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