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    Morning all,
    I'm hoping for some help (... posted this same question on the forum but haven't found a solution yet)

    have an assembly that includes several mechanism joints. I created a
    snapshot of the assembly in a particular configuration and then, via the
    View Manager > Explode tab, made the snapshot "active" and
    modified the positions of various components (including adding offset
    lines) to create an exploded view. I was able to successfully show
    this exploded view on a drawing by selecting the snapshot under the
    View States tab.

    The problem I'm having is this... after
    completing the above, I needed to modify the assembly slightly by
    adding some components and restructuring a sub-assembly. Now, the added/restructured
    components are messed-up in both the snapshot and exploded view. It won't let me reposition the components correctly in the exploded view, and "updating" the snapshot basically resets the exploded view (i.e. all the repositioning and offset lines are lost).

    I'm relatively new to using mechanism
    constraints, so perhaps I'm doing something wrong with respect to
    creating exploded views. Assuming the process above is correct, is
    there any way to update the snapshot and still retain the exploded view?

    Many thanks in advance.


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    Hi Ewan
    We've seen this issue too... sometimes you can solve it by hitting the rebuild button - 2nd tab in Snapshot dialog - bottom button.
    We have a call open with PTC right now about this... since rebuild doesn't fix our assembly.

    I'd love to hear if anyone else has solved this kind of thing.
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    Morning Ed,
    Appreciate the reply.
    I tried the rebuild button, but no joy.

    Please let me know if PTC gets back to you with anything helpful.


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    I'll give you the same answer as on the prouser group.

    No it will the "snapshot" is just that, when you take it is what it is. To add parts and need to regenerate here is the best proceedure I have found to date, very interested if someone has a better way.

    1) Make change in assembly mode, usually addition of part.

    2) Go into mechanism, call up the snapshot.

    3) Return to assembly mode, regnerate, parts will fly into postion they should be.

    4) Go into mechanism, update the snapshot.

    Sorry, I am really annoyed by this behavior also. For my assembly drawing I only use snapshots of assembly positions sparenly (top, mid, lower), and never for my exploded view. This way when I add/remove parts I will not lose all the work on my drawing and only have a few snapshots to regenerate and save.
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    (Creo 2.0) The problem I'm seeing is that, when creating an exploded view, you can not also apply a particular snap shot to it.

    For example, I apply a snapshot, set up an exploded view etc, go the drawing, show the view in the exploded state, all looks well, but as soon as you move your mechanism, that will be represented in your exploded view as well.

    It would be ideal, if you could have another drop down to chose a snap shot and exploded state to be applied.

    Ewan, to solve your problem, after placing new components you need to simply go back to the snapshot, right click over it and hit "update" and all should be well.

    Back to my original point, as soon as you have more than one exploded view requiring the mechanism to be in different positions it does not seam possible.

    If your just placing standard views, you can create as many snapshots as you'd like representing any of the mechanisms positions within their constraints.

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