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    Hello everybody !!
    I have place a mold in directory, but every i modify or some change, it will be make a lot of file *.prt *.mfg *.asm, how can i delete every of this file, i want every file in my mould directory just have only one file. I've make a mapkey to open it, save it, delete old version, but i have to open it and do again for each file, it take too time to do it for a large mould with a hundred of part, backup the *.mfg is also ok,but not good so anyone have a better way, help me !!

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    Make your Mould Directory read only and when you save a higher level assembly Pro/E will give you an error on the Parts or Assemblies in that directory but will still save any of your parts.

    There is also a purge.bat file that will delete all old versions of a file in a directory. To use it create a shortcut to the purge.bat in the bin folder of your Pro/E installation directory and change the start in path to the the location of the Mould directory.

    The first method is easier if you are talking only about the Moldbase parts and assemblies. The purge.bat shortcut will work on all the files in a specific directory and is probably what you are looking for.


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    mjcole_ptc !
    Thank you very much, I follow your instruction and it's work very perfecty, that's all what i need !! thanks for you helping !!

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    Hey, everybody !!

    Pls help me tomake a mapkey in pro/e. Thanks a lot

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    Hi SonTranHuu !!
    If you're using Pro 2001 , follow :
    - from the menu Utilities --> Mapkey --> new -->
    - in Key sequence , input the letter you want to be your mapkey (ex: a,b or c ....)
    - check Record keyboard input
    - click Record , and you star doing all the actions that you want to be a mapkey.
    - after finishing click Stop-->save-->ok-->close
    the result is: when you type you mapkey , Pro/e will do all your action so quickly that you can not see.

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    Hi Phucxoxo,

    Thank you so much for your helping, and I want to know is there the same way in making a mapkey in Pro/e WF 2.0 ?. thanhks

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    sorry, i've never try Pro/e WF 2.0, but i think it's nearly same, you can try search "mapkey" in this forum. you can see the search button of the the top of this page, i usually use it to solve my problem !!

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    Hi mjcole_ptc,<br style="font-weight: normal;">Does the purge.bat have to be run from inside ProE or can I run it from a shortcut on the desktop?

    Is where I set my work directory (in bold) the right place?


    if "%PROOBJ_START_DIRECTORY%" == "" set PRO_DIRECTORY=C:\ptc\work
    if NOT "%PRO_DIRECTORY%" == "" "%PRO_DIRECTORY%\bin\%MC%_ptc_setvars" %0 "purge" bat
    if "%PRO_DIRECTORY%" == "" %MC%_ptc_setvars %0 "purge" bat
    call ptc_setvars.bat
    del ptc_setvars.bat

    set start_cmd=start ""

    if NOT "%PTCPATH%" == "" goto ptcpathset

    set path=%PRO_DIRECTORY%\bin;%path%

    set PTCPATH=true
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    We have some handy functions in system window using
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    Window-->Open System Window-->Purge (enter).
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