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    Running WF2 on linux, appropriate licenses apply, I can generate .ncl files, but seem to be unable to post them. Does anyone have any input on this problem? I receive the error "error type 1 detected" when I select the "MACHIN" option, and "Can't access list of available post processors, exiting" when I do not select it.

    Any help is much appreciated.


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    could someone please copy/paste or screencap for me, I do not have active maintenance.


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    Solution Details - TPI

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    GPOST Is Not Included With Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire for the Linux Platform.


    Additional Information



    The CD or CDs for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire for the Linux platform do not
    include GPOST, an external application for interpreting CL toolpath
    files to a customized format for NC machining centers. When selecting
    CL Data > Post Process, or Applications > NC Post Processor...
    from Pro/ENGINEER's Manufacturing environment, neither GPOST nor its
    Option File Editor program will be started, as they are not available.

    Alternate Technique


    Post-process CL data files on a different platform where GPOST is available.



    GPOST is an external application developed by Intercim. As they do not
    currently support the Linux platform, there is no way for PTC to
    include a Linux-compatible version of GPOST with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire.

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    While not exactly the answer I was hoping for, but I suppose it leads to another question:

    Is there a way to post process a .ncl file outside of proe?

    I suppose I could write a program to do it, but that would be a lengthy process that I would rather avoid.



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    Yes, there is an option to do this outside of Pro/E. That option does however, run on some versions of Unix, and Windows. At this point, though, it does not run on Linux.
    You might want to contact the folks at Austin NC directly regarding this option, namely, CimPro.

    CimPro is a tool that is used for developing posts, and creating tape files outside of the CAM system, Pro/E in this case. GPOST is a subset of sorts of the CimPro tool.

    I'd suggest calling either Billy or Fred at Austin NC.


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    We use PosteHaste from Ground Support at:

    While it is designed for Windows, it works fine in Linux if you use Wine. We have 17 CNC machining centers and Lathes from DMG, Fadal, OKK, Okuma, and Cincinnati. We use Pro/E on Linux and Post Haste on Linux (through Wine) for all our programming. We program everything offline.

    Post Haste is fairly inexpensive. I believe they will provide a 30-day demo. You should only need one copy of Poste Haste for what you are doing. I may be able to help with installing Post Haste under Wine, as Ground Support does not support this directly.

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    PosteHaste is great for the price approx $800. I just demo'd them yesterday for a Centroid controller and now I am fully converted from Mastercam to Pro NC.

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    Post Haste will run on Linux. You just have to install Wine first. It is available at:
    It is fairly simple to install it on a single Linux machine. You can also install it one a remote Linux machine. This will allow you to access it from more than one computer. It will also allow you to centralize your output files in one location. However, you can always set it up on the locally machine, and then change it later - if needed.

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    Thanks for all the info. I will definitely check into poste haste. Do they provide posts, or are those priced separately?


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    They can provide the post, but am sure it will be an additional charge. Possibly if your controller is common, it shouldn't be a issue. Talk to Paul Andrews (805-583-3460) he can point you in the right direction and even get you an eval copy to try out.



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