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    I talked to Austin NC, they are the makers of G-POST. They said they could support Linux but PTC has never asked them to do so. This should "irk" anyone who has paid PTC for Pro/E and Pro/Manufacturing on Linux.

    Fergenbush: If you do decide to get back on active maintenance, tell PTC that you will only do so if they give Austin NC the go-ahead to compile G-POST for Linux.

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    I have found a solution to the issue. I have coded in C a nifty little program that will get from .ncl to the required .g that my machine will transfer into a .m. I am working to remove the intermediate step right now, but we're making chips, so I can't complain too much.

    Maybe if I could get PTC to integrate that into Pro/E??? Otherwise, I would just have to find a way to get it to the masses...

    Thanks for the update though, I will keep on PTCs butt if you guys do.


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    you have some special caracter in folder where is part placed or something like that. try to rename all files from folders and parts and use just normal keyboard leather and numbers

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