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    Hi everybody,

    is there a way to set up the size of the Navigation Window, so it opens always witha given size. Normally I have to adjust the size to see the parts/features name.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Yes there is -go to tools; customize screen. Click on the navigation tabs

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    Thanks superdutynick,

    But I've tried that before, this preference sets the width of the whole Navigation bar (red line), but I use the "Feat # column" a lot (whichdistance tothe left margincan beadjusted as well). Butthey are also independent from each other. So when I open a part/Ass, it starts as shown in the attached figure (covering the part names).

    So I need another solution

    Attachment 2614


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    Have you adjusted the width of the column for feat #?

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    Yes but it adjust the width between the right side of the featurenumber and the left margin.

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