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    I'm using top-down techniques to model an assembly. For some of the
    parts I directly thicken a copy geom surface feature from the skeleton
    model. This works fine but whenever the skeleton is altered and
    regenerated, the colour of the thickened surface returns to the colour
    of the skeleton parts.

    Is there anyway to get around this easily? Does Wildfire 3.0 have this problem?



    Beyond the Mouse

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    There are two methods : 1, clear thecolour of skeleton model

    2, setthe colour of the part in assembly

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    Skeleton colors will never hold on the assembly. You need to add all your colors to the parts.

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    Thank you everyone.

    I'm afraid I'm still having problems though. I've changed the colour of
    the parts within the assembly, which is fine, but I also want to change
    the colour of individual surfaces on one of the parts.

    The colour of the skeleton itself holds, but the colour of surfaces
    that reference it do not. I don't want to leave the skeleton colour as
    default, as I'm using the skeleton parts as actual components.

    Any other ideas?

    Beyond the Mouse

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    A solution to this seems to be to copy the surface of the copy geom feature, then to solidify this surface copy. This surface can then be altered independantly, or left at the part colour and it does not change on regen colour if the original copy geom parent is altered. It adds another feature but I've found it a useful technique.


    Beyond the Mouse

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    this is a problem when using top down design where your color is specified on the skeleton model. That color will when regenerated end up on the individual piece part.
    Bart Brejcha

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    Creating the extra surface copy of the copygeom feature, then solidifying this copy seems to solve this problem at the expense of an extra feature. Is there some other problem with doing this that I haven't thought about?


    Beyond the Mouse

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    You could change the color of the copy geometry to the color you want for the part. I change both sides of the surface to have the same color although you could only change one side. If you use one side change the color of the side that will touch the geometry.

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    I get to learn too. Thats a good idea. I don't force any real problem other than that might make the model more complex for others to work on after you.
    Bart Brejcha

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