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  1. Migrating copy geometry to new model w/similar references

    I'm trying to execute a large design change that requires me to swap out a core part model. Most of the dependent part models reference datums off the core using publish and external copy geometry,...
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    Laptop for Creo and Rendering work

    Is it more worth getting a workstation with a better graphics card, or a beefier processor? It seems to me that Creo isn't heavily dependent on graphics hardware, versus NX and other programs. I'm a...
  3. Shell suddenly failed, irrecoverable across 50 model saves

    I cannot for the life of me figure out what's going on with a model. I will probably be avoiding Shell with a passion in the future for this reason.

    I created a large surface in a skeleton part...
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    Autofilling MODELED_BY Parameter

    Is there any way to automatically fill the MODELED_BY parameter on creation? I'm on a Formula SAE team and our workflow is (unfortunately) pretty fluid, and it would be nice to check who spawned a...
  5. Enforce usage of Publish Geometry and Component Interfaces in an assembly?

    Is it possible to enforce both the use of Publish Geometry to pass data in between models and Component Interfaces to assemble models to each other? I just realized that when I go into Reference...
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    I was under the assumption that Windchill or PLM...

    I was under the assumption that Windchill or PLM was some magic voodoo that managed assembly references from reading into other FSAE teams's practice, and the more I looked into it the more I was...
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    "Black Box"ing CAD Models for Assembly usage

    The extent of my CAD knowledge is really just my introductory university class and all the googling I've done on my own so far, so forgive me if I'm bringing up a concept that's already obvious to...
  8. Sweep with equations sounds like a logical...

    Sweep with equations sounds like a logical approach. You could also try to just model the top surface as a surface feature and use the Offset->Replace To Surface feature.
  9. Thread: Layer Workflow

    by azaex

    Layer Workflow

    I'm relatively new to using layers and am creating some start parts for a FSAE team to use. What would be the general workflow for using layers to hide all part datums in assembly view, but not in...
  10. Patterning an Extrude with Group+Feature Failing + Skeleton Modeling Practices

    I'm having some issues patterning an extrude with the Both setting, (feature and group). The extrude is being generated from a sketch that is patterned axially, then the whole group patterned again...
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