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11-13-2009, 07:51 PM
WF 3.0, Datecode M210
with Pro/CABLING

In my assembly file, I have four .prt files: two connectors and two backshells.
I designate the connectors and the backshells as Components for use with cabling.
I "Attach to Harness" the backshells then route (Along Axis)the wires throught the backshells to the connectors.
Then I create the .mfg and the flattened harness.

The Problem:
The connectors and the backshells show up nicely in the flattened harness. And the backshells are nicely aligned with the harness (since they were routed Along Axis, this is the expected result). BUT..., the connectors are off-center from the harness and the backshells.

The Question:
How can I get the connectors to be on-center with the harness and the backshells?

I see this off-center behavior with connectors even without backshells. When flattening a cable, there is always one particular wire that controls the orientation/position of the connector relative to the harness. (You know, it's the wire that moves the connectorwhen you do a Flatten>Move Segment.)

But if that controlling wire is off-center from the geometric center of the connector (e.g. on Pin 1 of a 15-pin connector) then how can I get the connector to line up on-line/on-center with the harness..., and thus with the backshell (which is already perfectly in-line)?

Anyone else facing this issue? Anyone found a solution?

11-16-2009, 12:02 AM
SpaceRouter9, I have been facing this problem since start. Yes the orientation is driven by the wire to which you assemble the connector. Try to assemble the connector to the wire going to the center entry port if there is any.

What i do to rectify this, in my connectors i define one entry port at the center of connector and make sure some wire is going to that center entry port.Iassemble connector to that wire. I never do fanoutbecause fanout is a big failure in Pro/Cabling.

There could be other methods to do..like re-define connector and keep changing angle tillyou see the connector aligned with flat cable.

Any more suggestions..??

11-16-2009, 05:25 PM
Since I use an imported .xml file (from Routed Systems Designer), I don't have control over which wire is "the" wire that controls the connector. However, I may explore the possibility that the FIRST wire routed in RSD becomes the controlling wire in Pro/CABLING.

Any other ideas out there?

07-12-2010, 05:08 PM
can you guys post a picture. I want to see the alignment with the backshell

07-14-2010, 10:23 PM
I have slightly ignored this feature in cabling and used the auto fan out to get the inital image then jigged each wire around to get it looking about right. The whole task for me was to get the right data on a drawing to be used by purchasing and suppliers. We had a general tolerance on the drawing of +- 10mm and rounded up the cable length to +- 5mm so getting it exactly spot on was really a bit of a waste of time.
I found cableing very annoying at times but when I accepted some of it's odd ways I could really get on with a lot of work.

Best of luck.