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03-09-2009, 01:34 AM
The good old ribbons connecting your computer HD to your mother board.... I routed an entire assembly of harnesses and I do want to utilize Pro/CABLE for the remaining mylar flex cable and silver ribbon cable.

There is a setting under network operations for 'Cable Envr' for round vs flat. Dont think thats the setting im looking for?

Im in WF3.0 at the moment. I think WF4.0 lets us do flat ribbons right?Anyone care to make a discussion on ribbons and flex circuit ribbons.
Im about to just do it in Pro/SWEEP and get-her-done mode but I routed the entire assembly harnesses with RSD and CABLE and I am not about to give up now and just sweep it.comments?




I did route this ribbon with Pro/CABLE but cheated using multiple 'network ops'.
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