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12-17-2008, 02:57 AM
I noticed when I route a group of wires or cables the have a tendency to merge or cross at certain points. Is there a way to prevent this or is this just the way it is? I would think this would be a problem from time to time since the merged cable would consume less space. Thanks in advance.

12-18-2008, 05:44 PM
Did you auto route those or did you rout by hand?

you can do a few things other than ignore that issue. One, try to twist using rotate.

Are those wires to bundle all into a round end like that or do they enter more like a nine pin connector? It they go in as a nine pin connector and you used auto route all into one CSO then you have a lot of options.

Another thing you can do is route to a datum curve strait out of the connector.Ill try to post an example or two after you answer some questions. The wire may crisscross some still but this will often help.

http://www.proetools.com/mcad/connector01.jpg Notice the Curve Network (red dashed line) dives into the datum curve off the connector.
http://www.proetools.com/mcad/procable303.jpg this images is from my Pro/CABLE RSD talk to the Badgerland PROUSER conference last Tuesday December 16th 2008.

I Just thought of another way. If routing by hand (better to do it from RSD) and you don't use a datum curve you can offset locs with respect to the CSO on the connector.This way the wires/cable all come in from that point. This is good too because if you add your heat shrink to the model you have a place for the shrink to start and stop.

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12-19-2008, 03:18 AM
Hey thanks for your reply.

I routed those wires manually to a single entry port on the black cylinder.

It sounds like what you are saying is there are techniques to guide the wires but not an explicit command to tell ProE not to run the wire into each other.

I would expect that if you routed two or more wires at the same time Pro/E would guide them in such a way that they wouldn't cross.

Thanks for your help though, I'm going to keep at it and see what more I can do.

12-20-2008, 04:42 AM
if you route a bundle to a single CSO there are tools that can flatten, rotate and organize the wires of the cable any way you want. And if that last point before the entry port is far out there.... then unraveling the mess is more likely.I have interviewd some high level Pro/CABLE contractors for the likes of BAE, CAT and CASE and the all say they ignore those cables that 'criss-cross'. The truth is it looks odd and it's nice to fix the tangle but all you care about is that the space available for routing is not utilized by some other designer on the project and that there is proper space allocated for the harness... and if all the cables/wires go thru one 'criss-cross' then that gives the wrong impression that there is more space available than there actually is. Try the tricks I suggested or let me access to your files and ill help.

I am prepared to make a video for you if you like.
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12-20-2008, 08:05 PM
'packing' in WF4.0 is the tool I was looking to suggest to you for unraveling the wires into a connector.I have a Cabling contractor showing me some stuff today.

Some of those tools can help you unravel some stuff but it will not be perfect.
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