View Full Version : RSD vs Mentor Graphics

05-18-2008, 09:40 PM
Ive been using RSD quite a lot lately mostly for teaching Pro/CABLE workshops. Upon import and export of XML I noticed a mentor graphics options. I remember Mentor Graphics from my 1990 Motorola years. Any one user Mentor Graphics to generate logical references in Pro/ENGINEER assembly with Pro/CABLE?

Now my curiosity is peaked and wonder about all the other 2d schematic software packages out there. Most companies I run across have autocad schematics. (sadly dumb export data).

Secondly, any experience out there for companies who want to create their library of blocks? Seams to me to be more work to import dxf files than just recreating them in RSD.

Thirdly in my efforts to get professionals talking on this forum, any pros out there using RSD to develop piping drawings or coaxial models in assemblies?

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