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  1. Slow Opening Files
  2. Creating Bends
  3. Sheetmetal Transformation
  4. Software Help
  5. Creating Tear bends for a box
  6. Including iso view in flat state drawing
  7. cut-extrude in sketched bend
  8. part lenth
  9. Sheet Metal Bend Tables
  10. HELP!! Unwraping a Tubular Part
  11. Punched Tabs
  12. Edge Flange
  13. Changing material thickness
  14. Bending Opposite
  15. Bending a Tab on a Curved Face
  16. Large radius bends and joining
  17. left and right hand in sheet metal
  19. Transfer of complex cuts
  20. Flatten Sphere Shape
  21. Cur 3d
  22. Edge Flange Issue
  23. Re-orient inserted louver
  24. wall to wall
  25. Editing Sheet Metal Parts
  26. Making seperate sides from 3D Object
  27. Can we use unfold to design a 14’ V hull
  28. Flat pattern on drawing sheet
  29. Are there any sites with SW drawings for
  30. Flat Patterns to .IGS
  31. Formed to Flat dimension
  32. Sheet Metal Miter Not Good, Need Help...
  33. Can SW make sloted vent louvers?
  34. Flat Pattern to CAM whats the best way??
  35. Std Forming tools
  36. can´t run the program
  37. help
  38. how to flat?
  39. Closing large radius corners
  40. good SW sheetmetal book?
  41. Mirroring tab and jog together
  42. sheet metal from cone?
  43. Sheetmetal Form block
  44. Quick Sheet Metal Help
  45. Sheetmetal Mirror
  46. parasilid to sheet metal
  47. Sheet Metal Weldment
  48. how can i made some marks into a metal
  49. 2 Sheetmetal parts, one part drawing?
  50. hemispherical development
  51. drawing up a card guide in solid works
  52. trimming in assembly mode
  53. cant unfold after cut
  54. making another part from an existing one
  55. Parallel Flanges with Flange tool
  56. all to me
  57. also known
  58. you succeed
  59. purposes
  60. Re: pages jaunes espagne
  61. problem in flattening a curved surface
  62. bend lines
  63. perpendicular holes in curved surface...
  64. Solved. Cutting thru a bend and unrolling
  65. Bend a sheet over vertical (>90 degrees)
  66. Problem with Edge Flange
  67. pantone colors
  68. Cut in the Edge Flange from a Spline?
  69. Feature tree
  70. Importing file as sheet metal part
  71. convert traffic cone to sheet metal part
  72. How do I Unfold an Offset Cone
  73. Sheet Metal Tube Problem
  74. Help -Folding out a funnel
  75. New to Sheet Metal
  76. mating up tricky bend corners
  77. Stretching to work with sheet sizes?
  78. Adding a cut-out w/ inserted part?
  79. Sheet metal bend on curved surface
  80. Pro/E to SolidWorks bend table
  81. Sheetmetal Bend lines
  82. a few lofted bends in sheet metal
  83. Unfolded sheet metal in DWG export
  84. Convert part to sheetmetall
  85. Correct developped sheet dimensions
  86. "knock nuts"
  87. Forming tool with cutting
  88. Unbending Problem
  89. Noob: Converting part to sheet metal
  90. Creating and unbending a sheet metal component
  91. Weldments Cutting tubes with 'complex' geometry