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    Is there any possibility to enter the symbol for diameter ( or for the angular degree a.s.o.) in a text with a code (in AutoCAD the symbol for DIA was entered with sequence %%c, for angular deg %%d, for +- was %%p).

    Thank you

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    For entering special symbols the CTRL+A key stroke is available. If you want to enter diameter symbol, open the dimension properties and click tab with pre- and suffix fields and hit CTRL+A,N key combination (N is for diameter symbol, CTRL+A is for special symbol insertion). This key stroke combination works only in text fields (e.g. when editing BOM fields, entering or editing text note or editing relations), however it doesn't work in model tree since CTRL+A activates current window.

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    You can do it without the code.

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    The problem with the ASCII code characters is Pro/E doesn't handle them properly. E.g. ASCII diameter symbol is sqeezed, but with CTRL+A combination symbol is normally round.

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