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Thread: DXF DWG colors

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    Can anyone show me how to set up a file

    I'm trying to export DWG and DXF files from a drawing and no mater what
    I do, I end up with an autocad file that shows black lines for geometry
    and yellow lines for dimensions and the title block. I really
    need a way to set dims and title block to another color and I can't
    make it work!



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    in wf2. u can set where the drawing gets the colour from.

    ie model or drawing .

    make sure u set it to drawing if u want black and white. otherwise the colours are comming from ur models

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    Your talking about view colors right? Mine were set to 'from model' but
    either way an exported drw file shows geometry as Black and all
    dimensions and title blocks as yellow.

    Do you know another way to override the yellow default colors that show up in the exported files?


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    i just did it. and it was white geometry and yellow dimensions

    possibly ur using a bugged versions of wf?

    wf2 M0000 was BUGGYYY as hell from what i heard especially when it came to dxf

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    sorry, I made a mistake in my last posting,

    What I meant was that the exported DXF or DWG file shows all dimensions and title bloks in yellow and geometry in Black.

    I know the option will let you specify a file and the problem I'm having is with setting up this

    I did this before with WF1 when I had tech support but now I don't have support and I can't get it to work.

    I've attached the file in case you want to check it out.

    First of all I don't know what number goes with which color but I still
    can't get it to do anything when I change them. DXF and DWG files always have dims in

    when you look at them in AutoCAD

    btw: i'm using a licensed version of WF2 f000

    Thanks for your help.


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    wherre does that file go?

    so i can test it for u ? but off hand i would say its ur release of wf.

    i think they are up to m100? or m090?

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    If you are just trying to get rid of the yellow text, dimensions, and crosshatching, you can change the system colors to a "Black on White" or "White on Black" scheme (in 2001, go to View - Display Settings - System Colors). Then when you make your dxf copy, the yellow stuff becomes black.


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    Thanks for the tip.

    That's a good way to override the system colors.

    I figured out how to set up the file.

    After linking to it through the, it creates dwg or dxf file
    with blue dims and title blocks. I'm not sure what all the color #'s
    are but this files worked for me...

    map_color BACKGROUND_COLOR 3

    map_color DIMMED_COLOR 3

    map_color LETTER_COLOR 5

    map_color HIGHLIGHT_COLOR&nb sp; 3

    map_color EDGE_HIGHLIGHT_COLOR 3

    map_color GEOMETRY_COLOR&nbs p; 0

    map_color HIDDEN_COLOR 8

    map_color SHEETMETAL_COLOR 3


    map_color VOLUME_COLOR 3

    map_color SECTION_COLOR&nbsp ; 5

    map_layer DXF_AXIS 1

    map_layer DXF_CONTINUOUS_LINE 2

    map_layer DXF_HIDDEN_LINE 3

    map_layer DXF_DIMENSION 4

    map_layer DXF_TEXT 5

    map_layer DXF_HATCHING 6

    map_layer DXF_TABLE 7

    map_layer DXF_BALLON 8

    map_layer DXF_FORMAT 9

    map_line_style solidfont bylayer

    map_line_style phantomfont bylayer

    map_line_style ctrlfont bylayer

    map_line_style bylayerfont bylayer

    map_line_style dashfont bylayer

    map_line_style ctrlfont_s_l bylayer

    map_line_style ctrlfont_s_s bylayer

    map_line_style ctrlfont_l_l bylayer

    map_line_style dashfont_s_s bylayer

    map_line_style phantomfont_s_s bylayer

    map_line_style ctrlfont_mid_l bylayer



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    Here's some more details onpen assignmentsfrom the PTCHelp files...

    Pen Number
    System Color
    Default weight

    Geometry (white)
    Curves (brown)
    Volume (magenta)
    Visible geometry (plot as solid lines, except where noted):
    Cross-section cutting plane lines: plot as phantom lines
    Cross-section cutting plane arrows and text
    Drawing format and boundary
    Tag text
    Centerline line font with white color

    Letter (yellow)
    All items plot as solid lines (except where noted):
    Dimension lines
    Axes and centerlines: plot as centerlines
    Geometric tolerance lines
    All text (except cross-section text)
    Balloon notes
    Yellow portion of datum planes
    Centerline line font with yellow color

    Hidden (gray)
    Hidden lines: plot as dashed lines, phantom font

    Highlight (red)
    All items plot as solid lines:
    Red portion of datum planes
    Spline surface grid (does not plot in drawings)

    SheetMetal (green)
    Sheet metal color entities

    Section (cyan)
    Sketcher section entities

    Dimmed Menu (gray)
    Toggled sections, grayed dimensions and text, dimmed tangent edges

    Edge High (blue)
    Spline surface grid
    Edited by: proed

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    AutoCAD's colors:
    1 = Red
    2 = Yellow
    3 = Green
    4 = Cyan
    5 = Blue
    6 = Magenta
    7 = White/Black (depending on background color setting)
    8 = Dark Gray
    9 = Light Gray
    10-255 = various shades of above

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