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    Unknown Model Tree Icon/Feature?


    I am helping someone out. We are on Creo 3. See attached. What are the parts with grey box and dashed line outlines? Seems like an assembly feature driven item like flexible assembly???


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    The thumbnail is too small to see the icons easily, but it looks similar to the icon for hidden components. If I am correct, then to see the component just right-click & select Unhide. If you need to permanently unhide the component, you will need to save the layer status.

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    I agree, it's pretty hard to read, but they also could be "included"components.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    These are components that you want to show up in the BOM but not on screen. You'll find the "include" command under the "assemble" drop down menu.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    If you want to place them, you can right click on them and select edit definition and you'll be taken to the placement dashboard where you can define constraints. I don't think you can go back, however, without deleting it and re-including it.
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    U got it Doug! Thanks! there anything going on with PTC community? I am having trouble getting into site due to a certificate issue. May be on my side. But not seeing the usual emails I generally get either.

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    I got a security warning there too just a second ago.
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    Ok.....good its not just me.

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    They switched backend software on the PTC Community so all the URLs changed and you'll need to resubscribe to the areas you're interested in. The old URLs should redirect, however. I just tried and it redirected to just fine.

    Once there, you log in at the top right. Then browse to the Creo area and scroll down to see the various communities. They've simplified them a lot so there's basically "modelling" and "other" (there is discussion of adding back more). Click on one of them and in the top right you'll see "options" and under that is subscribe. There is also a "browse" drop down at the upper left for more communities.

    There are a number of bugs with the new software (Lithium) and changes to layout etc. that are in the works.
    Doug Schaefer | Director of Design and Engineering
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    PTC Community Issues

    Thanks Doug. I still get the attached when I try to go to main page......
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    Unknown Model Tree Icon/Feature

    Not a hole. Your model is being clipped during rendering.
    You need to adjust its position a bit more lower and to the right.

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    Not sure what you are saying Sub..

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