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    Hello dear Unigraphics experts

    I'm new in Unigraphisc modeling (I'm recently using NX2), so I did one stupid thing while making my first models. I was using Inch units sistem instead of metric. So is there some any way how to convert such parts from Inch system to metric (mm) interpreting sketch dimensions (All parts are fully parametric). I mean that the sketch dimensions should remain as they allready are only notto represent inches but mm instead (as result parts should be 25.4 times smaller as they are now).

    Thank You

    Joze Barbaric

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    Try this,


    Now u will have a DOS window opend,using that window go to directorywhere ur.prtfile is kept. Then Type

    ug_convert_part -in <your file name>.prt

    This will convert your part file and overwrite it. So better to have a copy of that file before running the program.

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    Any one send me Pro/e and Unigraphics files with demonstration or modell to improve my modelling capacity

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    Before you go and convert your files you should capturethe existing expressions.

    From the expression tool select output expression to file. This will create a file with the current expression values.

    Then convert the file from in to mm as previously described.With the inch part open import the expressions back in use Replace Existing. Now you have an inch part with the original values.

    The conversion utility converts the parameters as well as the model. It will be the same relative size after the conversion. Unless you export and import the expression values.
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