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Thread: Rotate Text

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    Right clicking on drawn text and selecting Rotate Entities will let me rotate the position of the text. How do I rotate the text itself?
    Doug Rundell

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    Hi Doug,

    Two possible solutions, as far as I can tell:

    1. Convert the text in question into a block, then rotate the block (don't explode it, or the text will revert to its original orientation).

    2. Redesign the part so that the text, as presently oriented, is correctly oriented.

    - DocSamson

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    Draw a construction line in the direction you want, then place the text along that line. This way, the line can be dimensioned/rotated/parametrically moved, and not the text itself. There are options to flip the text about the line as well.

    I do not recommend making it a block, try to keep everything as parametric as possible at all times. I believe this is the best practice.


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    Thanks Doug, I just learned something new!

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    Thanks all.
    Doug Rundell

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