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    How to add material at the Parting line which is not straight - so both halves meet at all places. (In Pro-E, the draft is given in one command (without splitting the surface), so the draft angle gets automatically adjusted - In SW, if the surface is split - how to do it).


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    I think you can have a check draft with parting line or
    step draft option in DRAFT
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    If you're designing a part with a complex parting line, then the way to create it depends heavily on the geometry of the part. Cna you share a picture of the part with us so we can help better?


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    Attachment 5885

    I have created a spline curve which will be the parting line. I want material to be added along the parting line (Top & bottom draft should match at all places).


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    Draw the draft profile at the end of that line and then sweep it along the line using either surfaces or a sweep cut.

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    Thanks. What you suggested may work in the above case. But, it will be a problem where sweep cannot be used (as in below).

    Attachment 5888

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    You cannot have the parting line parallel with the direction of pull, unless you want to do some sort ofsliding shutoff. Judging by your geometry, this is not what you're trying to do...

    If you add a little bit of an angle to those vertical lines, the draft feature works well (i.e. gives me the geometry I want):

    Attachment 5889

    This is a 1* draft, with those vertical lines angled by 3*. Here are the results of a 1* draft analysis. Notice how the skinny vertical faces are green as well in the direction of pull (arrow). The key here is that the angle of the lines (3) must be larger than the draft angle (1). If not, the draft on the skinny faces will fail.

    Does this answer your question?


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