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    Hi I'm Trying to establish Full Assync connection.

    Definition of Assync connection:The term asynchronous is usually used to describe communications in which data can be transmitted intermittently rather than in a steady stream. For example, a telephone conversation is asynchronous because both parties can talk whenever they like.

    So basically I want ProE to start the communication by launching my VB API application.

    I've been successfull in making the connection to Creo but only when starting out with Vb API and then connecting to Creo via Vb API. I would like to launch a VB IPA with an action listener from Creo interface.

    About your statement of only one way communication:Why would have the option to add action listeners to creo if only one way communication is possible(According to you only from Vb API to CREO?)?

    I think milindb is getting me on the right track? I have a simple question for milindb: Is it possible via VB script to add action listener button to Creo UI that would, when clicked, launch a vb Application that would connect to current Creo Session?

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    Yes , it is very much possible to create action listners via VB API. PTC has demonstrated it in various example. Please refer VB API example vbparam under vbapi installation directory to get more details.

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    williaps,Thanks I'm working through the VB API examples. It's helped a lot and I've learned a lot. But I can not connect in Full Assync mode. Please refer to beginning of previous posts where I explain my problem. When selectin the "Full Async" button I get errors.This is where my posts stared previously but please refer to the posts. Thanks for the attention:

    Hi I have a vb program connecting to Creo Session.I use this program to update Creo Session parameters. I would like to add a button to Creo interface so that I could launch my vb program. I've tried the Add Button function in VB API Example installed with Creo. When I click the "Add Button" button I get an pfcException::XToolkitNotFound error. Basically it fails here:

    '================================================= ========== ===========

    'Command is created which will be associated with the button. The class

    'implementing the actionlistener must be given as input.

    '================================================= ========== ===========

    buttonListener = New GatherInputListener()

    inputCommand = aC.Session.UICreateCommand("INPUT", buttonListener)

    I have installed the the Creo Toolkit with Creo so I don't think that is the problem. Can anybody maybe help me to try an create a listener button in Creo for opening my vb Program?


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    Hi can somebody please help my to program a Button in Visual basic created in VisualStudiothat will create new part in CREO that will look as follows:

    Type: Part

    Sub-Type: Solid

    Name: Part001

    Common Name: thisPart

    If I can get this to work I would like to go further with adding Combo boxes to my API where I can select the TYPE, Subtype,New name and New Common name.

    I would appreciate any response.


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    has anybody a working sample where a button is added in creo?

    I dont get it to work, i always get a pfcExceptions::XToolkitNotFound


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