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    is it possible to have a taper on an extrusion greater than 60
    degrees, and if it is then how?
    simon walker

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    Do you mean Draft??
    Taper in what sense??
    Please define your problem neatly so that i can help you.
    Taking Imagination Seriously

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    I am replicating a part for a vintage car electrical switch (jpg
    attached) My design program is pro desktop. I am creating each
    segment of the undulating top surface of the part by creating a
    triangle, extruding it to a prism and then using the taper tool to
    incline the surface toward the centre of the component. The taper
    tool goes to a maximum of 60 degrees (indicated by an arrow on
    explaining the problem jpg) my design needs a taper angle of 79
    degrees to make the profile match the original part.
    simon walker

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    Your pix did not upload.

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    try again!
    simon walker

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    Still not there...

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    I'm uploading from a mac could this be the problem?
    simon walker

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    Quote Originally Posted by simon walker
    is it possible to have a taper on an extrusion greater than 60

    degrees, and if it is then how?
    The draft tool itself will not draft more than 30, strictly anything greater than 10/12 degrees is not a draft, at least not in moulding terms. If you want a draft on your feature you will need to consider building it another way. How depends entirely on what it is.

    If you can, send a screenshot of what you are working on.
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    pro desktop extruding

    How do I make it so when I run break my desktop program will run instead of the screen being black?
    Please help =

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