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    Hey Guys,

    i have an assignment, which is pasting of a picture on 3D
    football and then render it to 2D.

    During the rendering the pasted picture should cut
    according the penal size and dimension.

    means if we re-assemble the ball it comes with same
    elegant 3D designed ball.

    or in other words if we start printing panels originally
    according the cut we get from 3D to 2D render the
    stitched Football comes with beautiful and well managed
    printed picture as designed in Assembly.

    in this regards if any one need any help about panel
    size, stitching margin or any further information do
    write me.


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    Really Great full for your generosity.
    you helping me alot to learn.
    Thanks very much indeed.
    Rashid Rekhi.

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    3D Football Assembly Rendering in 2D

    is there any tutorial explain how rendering clouds and fire with thea for c4d

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