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    Hi Everyone,

    For the life of me, I cannot find the difference(s) between the 3D CAD Neutral formats 214a and 214b.

    Many vendors supply 3D CAD with these options (along with 203).

    Can anyone explain the difference(s) or point me to a url with the info?


    Thanks in advance,
    Mechanical Engineer

    ( AP214a vs. AP214b vs. AP203 )

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    AP214 isused in the automotive industry (Core Data for Automotive MechanicalDesign)whileAP203 is Configuration Controlled 3D Design of Mechanical Parts and Assemblies. Here is a link I found that talks about STEP formats: nhandbook63006BF.pdf

    Gary B
    Wildfire 5 M060
    Intralink 9.1
    Gary B
    Wildfire 5.0
    Intralink 9.1

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    Thanks Gary_B for the reply, but I understand the difference(s) between 203 and 214.

    What I cannot find is the difference(s) between 214a and 214b that some product vendors offer as options for 3D CAD downloads.

    Anyone else know?

    Mechanical Engineer

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