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    I'm using Pro-E 2001 and I want to make a hole pattern (8 holes around an axis). I have already created a radial hole on the round surface...How do I do this?


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    In 2001 you have to make the datum, that drives the angle, on-the-fly. Otherwise the pattern fails after 180 degrees.

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    How to make the Datum. I'm not familar with 2001..

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    Create a datum plane, perpendicular to the plane where the holes are located and at an angle to one of the main datums and do this WHILE you are in the definition of the hole. Constrain the hole to the angled datum. Afterward you'll be able to increment the angle of the datum to construct the pattern.

    As an alternative you can keep your radial hole, but instead of constraining it to datums you have to constrain it indirectly. How I do it :

    Create an arc with center where the center of the pattern should be and one end of the arc connected to a datum plane. Dimension the arc with a radial dimension for its size and an angular dimension for the length. Richt click the arc to change it to "construction". Constrain the hole to the other end of the arc. Use the arc angle dimension to drive the pattern.


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