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Thread: Flatten Quilt

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    Has anyone had any luck using this feature in Wildfire 2.0? I'm looking for any and all tips or tricks to"flatten" a trimmed surface to a flat plane or surface. I've looked at Pro/Help and their instrustions leave a lot to be desired.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Open the part
    Go to Insert/Advanced/Flatten Quit

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    It's handy for certain modeling exercises. For instance, if you have a flat layout drawing of some cuts, protrustions, etc, it can be useful. You create the surface in the curved state, then flatten. You can thicken the sheet, make cuts, rounds, chamfers etc, and finally use the bend solid command to bend it back into shape.

    The flatten quilt needs a tangent point to bend about, so I use datum planes to locate the point on the surface, but there are plenty of other ways to do that.

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    I use it to create the flat version of a label that is applied to a product. I create the curved version using the actual curve and just flatten the curve to create the 2-d version for the graphic artists to work with.


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