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    Hi. I am new to pro-e. I hope someone can advise me on how to rotate a sketch that is created on front plane (rotate on the same plane or z-axis). Alternatively, I can also get the same resultif I proceed to extrude the sketch to a solid then rotating it. How can perform the two process?
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    Go for edit defination and change the sketch plane.

    If you dont want to do that then use.Edit<Feature Operation<Move Revolve and select the an axis to revolve the feature,


    Deepak Bhat

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    If you want to rotate the sketch, redefine the original feature. While in "sketch" mode, select save. Exit the feature. Edit the feature again and delete all entities of the sketch. On the top tool bar, select "Sketch", then "Data from file". Select the sketch that you just saved. Scale it at 1.000 and enter the angle that you want it rotated. Re dimension it from existing entities, and you are done.

    If other features are dependent on any of the current entities, insert the rotated sketch before deleting the original entities, but place it out of the way from the original entities. Highlight the new rotated entity, then on the top tool bar, select "Edit" then "Replace". Now select the original entity that is not rotated. After "replacing" the old with the new, delete the remaining original entities, add dimensions to relate the new sketch with existing features, and you are done.
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    Thanks for all the reply. I made a mistake. I actually want to rotate it on the top plane whileit is created on the front plane.I cannot find move revolve, deepakbhat_nie. I cannot find move revolve

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    Right click the extrude feature, Go to edit definitions, placement --> Edit, In the skectching plane right cclick and remove, Then select the new sk. plane, Then go for sketch, Then update the references, If its failed, delete it and select as new reference. Then give ok.

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    Forget Revolve if you have made a mistake in selecting the sketcher plane.To fix the erroe then follow VenkateshRAJA's posting.Let us know if you are still facing the problem we will try to help you on that.

    Howeverrotate option is in the following location.

    edit&lt;feature operation&lt;copy&lt;move&lt;select the feature which needs to be rotated&lt;ok&lt;rotate&lt;ok&lt;click on csys&lt;select the direction abt which the feature has to rotate.


    Deepak Bhat
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    Thanks for the reply again. I think I should mentioned in more details. I need to design a bracket that has an X shape looking from the top (top view). From thefront view, it is actually two boomerangs joined at the middle in an X-position (each boomerang is represented by / and the other by \. I have developed a sketch of one boomerang and have no problem extruding it to form a 5 mm thick portion.

    I have two ways. One is to extrude it first then copy the feature and position iton the same spot and then rotate bothfeature for 45 deg each at different direction. Alternatively, I can also copy the sketch then perform an extrusion on each sketch before rotating them. As you can see the boomerang shape is sketch on front plane which need to be rotated on the top plane. So the front view willhavewhat looked like two joined boomerang shape and the top view willlook like aX. Thus no delete is needed and the mistake I made is that I did not clarify earlierthat the rotation need to be carried on different plane (it is not a sketching mistake).
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    now that I have told you where to look for 'move rotate' are you able to do it??.Else post the pic of what you have now and try to explain the same to us so that we can suggest you something.Just make sure that you include all your requirement in one post so that we can ans them in one shot.


    deepak Bhat

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