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    Hello All,

    I have been using SolidWorks for about 2weeksandhave a question about constraining sketched. I find that Solidworks is very forgiving when it comes toleaving sketches under constrained. I would say that in all the parts that I have created, most of the sketches are under defined.I have found that this has some unexpected results when I try to edit the features. Lengths that were assumed equal are no longer equal after a dimension edit, lines are no longer colinear, etc.

    My question to the expert users: Do you fully constrain each and every sketch?

    I have gone back and constrained all my sketches but for SolidWorks to allow the creation of under defined features seem like a invitation for desaster.

    Thank you.

    Tua Xiong

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    I fully constrain every single sketch for the very reason you describe- the response to changes is unpredictable in unconstrained sketches.

    Go to Tools > Options > System Options tab and put a check next to "Use fully defined sketches." This makes it so you cannot exit the sketch before constraining the system.

    However:I leave it off, because sometimes I temporarily leave a sketch unconstrained for whatever reason. But it is good practice to always fully constrain your sketch for the finished product.


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