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    Greetings to all. Irequest to know if someonecould clarify orexpand upon the steps ina posting of 23SEPregarding exporting XYZ coordinate points from plane to data file.I workin optics at a university research center anduse WF3.0 to generate stp and igs files for our CAM via UG-NX6. We are research oriented so my use/knowledge of Pro-E is a basic to avglevel but have designed and fabricated numerous optical components, mounts, fixtures, etc. for prototyping.We recentlyobtained a Nanotech 250UPL diamond turninglathe with C-axis which givesus polynomial freeform capability to machine optical surfaces. We presently useDiffsys togenerate the tool path for the optical surfaces. I have modeledin WF3.0 an X-ray mirror which is a combination of a hyperbola and parabola sections. I havenot been able to design the surfaces in Diffsysbut do know Diffsyscan import a txt file havingjust x,y,z, or x,z,c coordinates as an array to generate the tool path. From the 23SEP posting I gather it is possible to export the surface of a part, the mirror surface in my case, in xyz pointsto atxt data file. Unfortunately,I have not been able to followthe steps in the 23SEP posting.Cansomeoneto please specifythesteps toexport a part surface to x, y, z data file points,or direct me to a tutorial covering this topic?<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comfficeffice" />

    Thank you in advance. Regards, Ted

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    see this post.

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